.DK information

.DK is the official country code Top-Level-Domain (ccTLD) of Denmark.

.DK - A .DK Domain is normally used by companies or private entities who are located at Denmark, or who have business relationships with Denmark.

  Stödjer IDN:  Ja
  Registreringsperiod:  1år,2år,3år,5år
  Registrering sker i:  Not-Realtime
  WHOIS Server:  whois.dk-hostmaster.dk
  WHOIS Uppdatering:  Realtime after confirmation
  WHOIS Anonymitet:  Ja
  IPv6:  Nej
  DNSSEC:  Nej
  Registry Hemsida:  http://www.dk-hostmaster.dk
  Registry Villkor:  https://www.dk-hostmaster.dk/fileadmin/filer/pdf/generelle_vilkaar/Generelle_vilkaar_vers._05-ENG.pdf
  Policy Tvistelösning:  https://www.dk-hostmaster.dk/english/complaints-and-suspension/
  Kontrollera zone:  https://www.dk-hostmaster.dk/english/technical-administration/dns-server-contacts/check-setup-on-nameserver/


.DK is the official country code Top-Level-Domain (ccTLD) of Denmark.


A .DK Domain is normally used by companies or private entities who are located at Denmark, or who have business relationships with Denmark.

Tecken i domännamn

Tillåtna tecken: a-z, 0-9, -, a-z, 0-9, -

* Minimum: '''3'''
* Maximum: '''63'''
* Letters and numbers
* Hyphens ("-"), however not at the beginning or directly in front of the TLD
* DK characters

'''Please note''':
You can use all Danish characters in your .dk domain name. This means that you can use æ, ø and å in your domain name. You can also use the letters ö, ä, ü and é and numbers from 0 to 9 and - (negative sign used as a hyphen or substitute for spaces). Hyphen cannot be placed first or last in the domain name. Be aware that not all web browsers and email programs can handle domain names with these letters. Figures and minus signs, however, does not cause any problems. A domain name must not have 2 initial alphanumeric characters followed by 2 hyphens, such as. a2—x6z.dk.

Toppdomänen stödjer IDN


Domänen registreras i realtid.

Domänen kan registreras upp till 5 år i taget.

För att registrera domänen krävs det ett registrerat momsnummer.


* Min./Max nameservers 2-7

* DNS servers for .dk domain names must be approved by DK Hostmaster before sending a registration request.
Register name server
All name servers in the .dk zone must be registered and approved by DK hostmaster.
To get this approval of name servers, the administrator must document the needed technical knowledge about dns, including setting up domain names
on a name server. DK Hostmaster does not support setting up name servers.
As a part of the approving process, the applicant must allow zone transfer from the name servers to:
Name server at DK Hostmaster: hostcount.dk-hostmaster.dk
IPv4 address:
IPv6 address: 2a01:630:0:40:3:4:5:6
The [https://www.dk-hostmaster.dk/english/technical-administration/dns-server-contacts/forms/approval-of-name-servers/?no_cache=1 form] has become obsolete. Please use the following [https://www.dk-hostmaster.dk/english/technical-administration/dns-server-contacts/register-name-server/ link].
'''Approval of name servers will take a minimum of 2 work days to process.'''
When the name servers are approved, the registry will notify you in an email.

* For the change of nameservers please see procedure below
Change name server
This section of DK Hostmasters website directs primary to DNS contacts
Existing name servers must be administrated, using the registry [https://self-service.dk-hostmaster.dk/domain self service].
New name servers can be created using this [https://www.dk-hostmaster.dk/english/technical-administration/dns-server-contacts/register-name-server/ link].
Change name servers IP address
When a name server receives a new IP address, DK Hostmaster only needs to update this information, if the name server is a part of the
.dk zone and the name server hosts its own domain.

* If the name server is not in the .dk zone?
It will not be possible to make the update in the .dk zone. The update must be performed in the name servers zone. Ex. .com, .org or .net.

* Does the name server run its own domain?
Changes of the name servers IP addresses must be updated, using registry self service.
How can I see if the name server is running its own domain?
In this example, we use the registry name servers:
all run our domain: dk-hostmaster.dk
As the name for two of the registry name servers both dk-hostmaster.dk, the registry says, they run their own domain. That is why changes of these name servers
IP addresses, must be updated in the registry self service.
The name server authns1.ngdc.net must be updated in the .net zone.
Changing the name of your name server If the name server is to given a new name, it must be registered, and approved by dk-hostmaster.
After the approval, all domain names can be redelegated internally to the new name server. Then the old name server, can be removed from the .dk zone.

Innan domänen registreras måste namnservrarna som domänen kommer att peka mot att skapas. SOA record måste finnas.


Toppdomänen kräver att minst 2 namnservrar används samt max 7 stycken.

Konfiguration av DNS

# To add/modify nameservers login to http://www.dk-hostmaster.dk.
# Go to 'Redelegate domain name'.
# Enter Doamin name and new nameserver.
# Click on next...


Domänen kan förnyas för följande perioder


Flytt till annan leverantör

Vid transfer till en annan leverantör förnyas domänen automatiskt med 1 år.

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