WebCalendar is a PHP-based calendar application that can be configured as a single-user calendar, a multi-user calendar for groups of users, or as an event calendar viewable by visitors.

Version : 1.3.0    Release Date: 16-03-2019
Ratings : (3.828 out of 5) from 157 Votes
Total Views : 127928     Total Reviews : 1
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 Size  5.35 MB

Booked (formerly phpScheduleIt) is a simple but powerful reserve-anything scheduler. With flexible layouts, custom rules, a powerful administrative backend, and an unbelievably simple user experience, Booked can fit almost any need. From conference rooms to lab equipment to airplanes - it's Booked.

Version : 2.7.7    Release Date: 19-09-2019
Ratings : (3.904 out of 5) from 73 Votes
Total Views : 121457     Total Reviews : 3
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 Size  20.97 MB

ExtCalendar is an open-source calendar application, with an integrated event managemt system. ExtCalendar is a powerful multi-user web-based calendar application. Features include Multi-Languages, Themes, Recurrent Events, Categories, Users and Groups management, Environment and General Settings, Template Configuration, Product Updates.

Version : 2.0    Release Date: 07-07-2005
Ratings : (3.180 out of 5) from 50 Votes
Total Views : 153525     Total Reviews : 1
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 Size  1.06 MB

phpicalendar is an open source php application to parse and display shared icalendar-compatible calendars on a website. phpicalendar is released under the GNU/GPL terms.

Version : 2.31    Release Date: 26-01-2009
Ratings : (3.184 out of 5) from 49 Votes
Total Views : 80543     Total Reviews : 2
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 Size  1.33 MB

LuxCal is an innovative web based event calendar for home use and small businesses. It is easy to setup and allows easy and fast management of your calendar events at home, in the office, on business trips or when on holiday. LuxCal is feature rich, has been designed for user-friendliness and will help you to make error-free data inputs. The user interface colors are easy to customize.

Version : 4.7.6M    Release Date: 15-10-2019
Ratings : (4.217 out of 5) from 23 Votes
Total Views : 40515     Total Reviews : 1
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 Size  2.71 MB

SuperCali is an event calendar script that supports nested categories of events and multiple moderators, making it a good choice for organizations managing a large number of activities. SuperCali is designed to make data entry as easy and error-free as possible as well as provide a flexible, modular framework for displaying event information.

Version : 1.1.0    Release Date: 22-05-2019
Ratings : (2.333 out of 5) from 3 Votes
Total Views : 29541     Total Reviews : 0
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